• OSSimTech designs, manufactures and sales VR open surgery simulators . Our simulators expand training possibilities in the field of open surgeries with standardized and quality-assured training.
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  • phone : +( 1 ) 438-403-7465
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OSSimTech designs, manufactures and sells VR open surgery simulators. We are a high technology firm with strong intellectual property and unique knowledge of VR. Our core business is training simulators for open surgeries. OSSimTech was founded in 2013 by experienced and seasoned engineers.


  • Multi-disciplinary team
    The company has a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team comprising engineers, doctors, programmers, developers, industrial designers as well as management professionals. Our team works closely with the medical community, large R&D organizations, manufacturers and other partners to develop the best training simulators.
  • Mission
    Our mission is to meet the growing training needs of future surgeons, specifically with respect to open surgery. The intent is to maximize skills, increase confidence, and minimize “practice” directly on the patient. Redesigned curricula to integrate simulation from day one of the experience is the key to maximizing patient safety while improving results.
  • Training
    OSSimTech strives to better train orthopedic surgeons, and aims to become a major reference in the virtual reality simulator market. The Sim-Ortho training simulator is leading the path in high-fidelity simulation.