• OSSimTech designs, manufactures and sales VR open surgery simulators . Our simulators expand training possibilities in the field of open surgeries with standardized and quality-assured training.
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OSSimTech develops customized simulators featuring your procedures and your surgical instruments. A powerful tool for medical education, marketing and staff training!



Differentiate your organization with a customized OSSimTech virtual reality training simulator featuring your own procedures and surgical devices. As the world’s first of its kind, OSSimTech simulators offer unique possibilities to expand medical education, market your products and train your employees.

With the OSSimTech team, you will find the expertise to provide you with a custom solutions to match your needs. We work with the best partners to deliver exceptional custom solutions, including turnkey portable simulators or full-sized units.




We know you are committed to better healthcare. In an ever-changing world, surgeons are constantly in need of improved skills and better knowledge. OSSimTech offers you the chance to elevate your medical education and training programs with the only high fidelity VR simulators for open surgery.

  • Avoid the expensive and cumbersome cadaver labs and offer something unique to your customers.
  • Enable trainees to practice complex surgeries using your guidance and steps while avoiding mistakes on patients.
  • For your organization, this also means a massive reduction in training costs: reduction in the use of OR and material costs as well as less space required, reusability, no consumables and no mess!


From the medical convention to the simulation center to the physician’s office, give a “wow” effect to your presentation with an attractive virtual reality training simulator. A custom-made simulators represents:

  • A specific training and support system to your products
  • Captivate students from the very beginning of their training process
  • Quality time of training (less disaster, more focus)
  • A constant presence as an on-site representative
  • Attraction and improvement of doctors loyalty to your prosthetics with the simulator

The elegant design of the simulator is an eye-catcher to feature your brand and place your products. With an OSSimTech simulator, you set yourself a part of the group with a competitive edge.



Training account managers and sales representatives can be a long and expensive process in the medical devices industry. Customized simulators offer opportunities to expose employees to surgeries and different scenarios without using OR time or cadaver labs. OSSimTech simulators can offer a customized environment where employees learn about surgical techniques, medical devices and precise and complex procedures. Better trained sales employees will delivered quality information to your customers and have more confidence in their knowledge.

OSSimTech partnered with King Fahd Medical City to develop and deliver the world’s first open surgery simulator for spine surgery.

    The Sim-Ortho is a platform that simulates 3D virtual reality interventions. Through its haptic devices, this platform has the capacity to relay a realistic tactile feedback that is very similar to the feedback experienced during real surgery. This system is designed for training to help surgeons acquire and master critical skills to ensure surgical efficiency and safety.

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